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Informamos que o nosso gabinete encontra-se encerrado para férias

entre os dias 9 a 22 de Setembro.

Hotel | Mourão, Portugal




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"As the construction industry recovers from the Great Recession, and more builders resume operations, many will discover a changed world.

Builders are compelled to pay closer attention to all the details that come into play during a building’s entire life cycle — including where and how a building is built, how many resources it consumes, how it affects the environment, and what materials go into its construction. During that process, more builders are discovering that cold-formed steel (LSF) can play a major role in helping them satisfy sustainability requirements. Many high performance buildings have been constructed with LSF to take advantage of its consistent recycled content and the fact that it can be recycled over and over again – making future demolition and reuse more appealing.

The steel industry began moving forward with sustainability issues well before it became the in thing to do. The mills recognized the financial benefits of being green and reduced the energy use per ton of steel produced by approximately 1/3 between the early 1990s and today. Similar reductions have been made in emissions. These initiatives coupled with dramatic improvements by optimizing the use of steel during design have yielded excellent energy savings which is great for the environment and a projects bottom line.

All said and done cold-formed steel projects can ensure for a building that is durable, meeting the test of time and available for generations to come."

Building with Sustainable Green Materials
by Maribeth Rizzuto

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