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"Steel foundations and framing are ideal to use on a sloping site as they eliminate the need to cut and fill the area, which in turn prevents erosion and enables the home to be designed to run with the natural contour of the land. They also allow for natural ventilation underneath the house which assists with cooling in the warmer [regions].

Building with steel gives builders and designers greater flexibility of design, allowing houses to be built on previously unpopular steep sites incorporating up to five levels in height and with plenty of space underneath to fit additional rooms and a rainwater tank. Also, steel is easy to use onsite as it is lightweight."

BLUESCOPE STEEL | Australia | 2012
Steel helps builders on Queensland's sloping sites construction
Patrick Brodie, owner of Aurora Construction

FUTURENG • Lightweight Steel Framing Engineers and Consultants

We are an engineering company located in Europe and specialized in lightweight cold-formed galvanized steel framed structures, a building method usually known as Light Steel Framing (LSF).

We were founded in 2001 as an engineering and consulting company, specialized in steel framing. Our goal is to facilitate the transition from the traditional to the lightweight galvanized steel construction, providing comprehensive and specific technical assistance at various stages of the process.

We are located in Lisbon, capital of Portugal, but our market is Europe, where the Eurocodes became the reference design codes. Also, our engineering projects and services are used in several lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) nations where Portuguese is an official language, like Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde and Brazil.

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