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"The use of light steel framing (LSF) is steadily expanding in Southern Africa, despite a slow recovery in the building sector, with LSF manufacturers having reported a throughput increase of 10% during 2012, says the Southern African Light Steel Frame Building Association’s (Sasfa’s) yearly survey."

"The survey found that a total of 300.000 m2 of LSF buildings was completed during 2012 and that a greater number of light steel roof structures, covering a floor area of about 1.4 million square metres, were used, replacing timber or heavy steel structures."

ENGINEERING NEWS Online | 1.Mar.2013
LSF building gaining popularity
by Sashnee Moodley

FUTURENG • Lightweight Steel Framing Engineers and Consultants

We are an engineering company located in Europe and specialized in lightweight cold-formed galvanized steel framed structures, a building method usually known as Light Steel Framing (LSF).

We were founded in 2001 as an engineering and consulting company, specialized in steel framing. Our goal is to facilitate the transition from the traditional to the lightweight galvanized steel construction, providing comprehensive and specific technical assistance at various stages of the process.

We are located in Lisbon, capital of Portugal, but our market is Europe, where the Eurocodes became the reference design codes. Also, our engineering projects and services are used in several lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) nations where Portuguese is an official language, like Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde and Brazil.

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