Light Steel Framing
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Although "Steel" may conjure up images of a heavy, cumbersome material for construction, Light Steel Framing (LSF) from coated sheet steel products is just the opposite. Cold-formed sheet steel is an easy to handle, economical, non-combustible, high quality alternate to more traditional framing materials. Steel framing offers a strong, accurate, dimensionally stable and durable framing system. Lightweight steel framing will appeal to any one interested in building construction.

Steel has been in use for over 100 years in the North American construction market. While it is often associated with skyscrapers and bridges, steel is emerging as the material of choice for industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) buildings. Light steel framing is an increasing popular choice in low to medium rise structures such as schools, shopping malls, box stores, stacked row houses, hotels, assisted care residencies and office buildings. LSF is used in the wall, floor and roof assemblies in buildings from one to six stories in height. LSF alone can provide all necessary structural elements or it can be used in combination with other materials for greater building diversity and scope.


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