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Futureng is a European engineering company dedicated to the design of buildings framed with cold-formed galvanized steel. This building method is known worldwide as Light Steel Framing (LSF). Our experience in this area dates back to the first building constructed in Portugal. We have followed the evolution of the system in Portugal and in the world since 1993/94, having attended many international events related to LSF. We collaborated with pioneering companies, in technical and commercial areas, having developed the majority of the structural LSF projects built in Portugal. Some of our projects have aimed the foreign market, namely Spain, France, Brazil, Angola and Cape Verde. All this activity has granted us an accumulated knowledge that is now recognized by most Portuguese LSF builders who use our services for engineering, design and monitoring of execution, among others.

Partners and collaborators

The two managing partners of the company have worked their way in the construction business in different companies. Later, having worked together on a franchising company, they acquired knowledge and practical experience in the design and execution of projects of steel structures. That background led them to create their own company, taking advantage of the experience gained over the years. Today, Futureng is a highly technical company, bringing together diverse knowledge in business and practice as well as European legislation, with full understanding of the reality of the market.

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